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It’s been a good run for bacon of late. Much like the pet rock, it’s established a trendy cult following eerily reminiscent of parachute pants and Vanilla Ice.bacon

At Email Center Pro, we’re not one to let an opportunity pass by. You know as well as we do that there’s too much synergy between email and bacon to ignore. Those greasy strips of swine aren’t just here to complement your eggs and toast or rest between your lettuce and tomato. They’re here for punch lines, email punch lines.

And so without further ado, Email Center Pro presents the Top 10 ways that email is like bacon, and vice versa:

  1. Too much of it will clog your arteries
  2. Bacon has a To: and From: address, too. To: Your Thighs; From: Porky
  3. Just when you think you’ve filtered it through, it rears up and causes indigestion
  4. You can build relationships over bacon, too!
  5. Who hasn’t been faced with too much bacon on their plate before?
  6. Email has a light version, too. It’s called Twitter
  7. Sometimes the attachments are more impressive: Eggs, pancakes, slices of fruit
  8. If you’re not marketing with bacon, you’re missing out
  9. Bacon’s relative that nobody likes: Spam. Email’s relative that nobody likes: Spam
  10. In moderation, it’s actually good for you. Too much of it will kill ya. No, seriously, check it out

Now it’s your turn. Do you have any to add?


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