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Responding to emails quickly is a key to building good relationships and providing high quality customer service. If you’ve glanced at this blog before, you already know how strongly we feel about this.

At Palo Alto Software, we’re proud of how fast we respond to our customers.

That’s why we created our Response Time widget (the sample above is from our Contact Us page – click the link to see for yourself).¬† It’s not just to brag — though with 14 minute turn around time, we’d be entitled to do a little bragging —¬† but to clearly communicate with our customers that we know their time is valuable and we don’t intend to waste any of it.

Most Email Center Pro accounts can get this widget and the code necessary to display it on their website. The beauty of this badge is that it provides your customers with a realistic expectations. Whether it takes 30 minutes or three hours, at least they’ll have an idea of how long they’re going to wait to hear back from you.

Hopefully¬† they’ll be impressed by what your Response Time badge has to say, and by how quickly you respond to their message.

If you’re making good use of Email Center Pro, they probably will be.

5 Responses to “Tell the World How Fast You Respond to Email”

  1. Mr. Laptop Repair

    I am glad I found your software. Looks like it will work very well for our purposes. I also like the widget and I might be interested in putting on an internal or external website.

    When you say “most Email Center Pro” accounts can get this widget.
    Who can and can’t?

  2. Lynn Cole

    I’m considering setting up my business website and email address. What is the better route, and about how much would it cost to do so?

  3. jay

    Hi Mr. Laptop
    Actually, all Email Center Pro accounts can get this widget. Once you’ve got your account set up, go to your Accoutn & Tools link and check out the Tools tab.

  4. jay

    Hi Lynn,
    You can check out the different account levels here. Which would be best for you depends on your specific needs. Feel free to give us a call and our account specialists will be happy to help you pick the plan that’s right for your business.


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