Tell the World How Fast You Respond to Email

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Responding to emails quickly is a key to building good relationships and providing high quality customer service. If you’ve glanced at this blog before, you already know how strongly we feel about this. At Palo Alto Software, we’re proud of how fast we respond to our customers. That’s why we created our Response Time widget… Read more »

5 Great Ways to Tag Your Email

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Tag. You’re It. We all have our own ways of organizing our lives. I have developed a pretty useful pile system for organizing my desk and home. It might not make much sense to anyone else… in fact it probably looks like a great big mess. But based on the pile’s location, I not only… Read more »

Praise and cake — What a week!

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Unsolicited testimonials, like surprise chocolate cakes, are wonderful things indeed. Here at Palo Alto Software, we were the beneficiaries of both last week. First, as a way of celebrating the integration between Email Center Pro and their service, our friends  over at FormSpring sent us a delicious chocolate cake from the best bakery in town. … Read more »

Don’t Count Email Out.

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It’s a reality that has to be faced by all users of Web-based applications: there will come a time when your service will be disrupted. This morning, Twitter experienced a denial-of-service attack  and was down for a few hours. Facebook and LiveJournal were both down for a while as well. At this writing, it wasn’t… Read more »