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flickr user tambako the jaguar

flickr user tambako the jaguar

Ok, so you’re running your own business. Or maybe two. And maybe you’ve got a side gig on top of those.

And maybe you find yourself slogging through the mess that’s become your email inbox. You’re using Outlook and three separate gmail accounts to organize the various spokes in your email wheel, and, quite frankly, you’re starting to run on fumes. Your business (es) are growing, and the email volume right along with it. Perhaps you’re finding that the management of this mess is not only causing you headaches, but is also stunting your progress.

Bottom line: It’s a lot to handle.

So you pick up an assistant (either physical or virtual) and begin asking them to streamline the email portion of your work flow (along with a few other things). After a moment of blue sky, when it looks as though the torrent of messaging frustration will let up, you find that not much has changed. There’s still a pile of email that requires your attention — messages that “need” your wisdom.

And perhaps, more disturbingly, the assistance you tried to bring on as relief, has actually increased your workload.

All the while your business stagnates because your time is not allocated for building it.

So, what do you do?

You’re in luck. I’m going to tell you next week in a three-part series called “Stop the Madness: Manage Email to Grow Your Business”.


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