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Below is an email I received recently.

Thank you for visiting our site.  Your email will be reviewed and a reply will be send to you in 72 hours.   Thank you.

This is an automated E-mail message.  Please do not reply to it.

I’ve ranted before about auto replies, but I’m sorry, I’m just going to have to do it again.

My first objection is the same as always —  these kinds of auto replies are pure waste. What are you going to do with this auto reply? Delete immediately, that’s what. Why bother sending something that is of no help to anyone? It’s all the more annoying because we often get these messages after a customer places an order on our site — it’s the reply to the order confirmation email our system sends automatically. This was one of those auto replies we received when we didn’t even contact them.

Second — Let’s just pretend I did email this company —  72 hours for a reply? Are they going to send it via the US Postal Service?

The way it’s worded makes me imagine somebody checking their watch, thinking “Nope, it’s only been 57 hours, can’t reply yet.” I mean, they’re not even giving me a little hope here that they might reply sooner.  And I won’t even mention the typo…

But the real issue at hand is this:  Why should it take 72 hours to reply to an email?


  1. They’re doing some SLAMMING business and are severely understaffed
  2. They have very limited access to computers
  3. They just don’t know how to manage their email
  4. They don’t care about providing quality customer service

For their sake, I hope it’s either #1 or #2 (or a combination of them).

The final problem is the “do not reply” part. It’s like they want to make sure I’m aware that my needs are not their top priority (in case the three day delay wasn’t enough) by telling me  not to bother replying to their email.

So not only do they not want to get back to me promptly, but they also don’t want to hear from me again any time soon.

And I didn’t even email them in the first place!

Geez, could they be more off-putting? I don’t even know what they do, but based on their auto reply, I don’t want to be their customer.

Makes you wonder how their actual customers must feel.

4 Responses to “Somebody Needs Better Email Management”

  1. Sue Cline

    I agree I have never received one of thos but I would just delete it if I did I have on mine Thank you for contacting me I check my emails 2 times a day will get back to you in 12 to 24 hours,bu I have a blackberry and try to keep up with the emails that way and answer as soon as i get the message if possible but sometimes it is not possible. Sue Cline

  2. Business computer repair service guru

    This is one of my pet peeves. I deal with many many large technology companies that send emails like this, that I have almost come to accept it as standard practice.

    However, my biggest slow email peeve is when call/chat with customer service and then 3-5 days later get a ‘survey’ saying how was our service. Companies shouldn’t send these out or if they do, they should send them within say 2 hours maximum.


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