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Unsolicited testimonials, like surprise chocolate cakes, are wonderful things indeed.

Here at Palo Alto Software, we were the beneficiaries of both last week. First, as a way of celebrating the integration between Email Center Pro and their service, our friends  over at FormSpring sent us a delicious chocolate cake from the best bakery in town.  The integration, which officially launched recently, allows you to use any FormSpring web form to collect submissions and automatically add contacts into your Email Center Pro account.

Check out Jason’s recent Business in General blog post about cake sending as a good business practice.

A few days later, this video testimonial was brought to our attention.  In it, Jennifer Haubein of talks about her experience as a new user of Email Center Pro. She says

I can manage many multiple email addresses and delegate email to my team… Also, the template capability is huge for me.

Jason also wrote about the video and how a company goes about ‘soliciting’ unsolicited praise on the BIG blog.

So to sum up, the last week was marked by

  • A great new integration that makes Email Center Pro customer’s lives easier and more efficient
  • Glowing words from a satisfied user
  • Two blog posts by Jason
  • and Chocolate Cake!

What a week!

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