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Does anybody really just do one job anymore?

I wrote recently about the Impression of Specialization, and how small companies can make themselves look bigger, and present the image that they have dedicated employees for all sorts of departments, simply by using email addresses that correspond with their customers’ needs.

But what I didn’t talk about in that post was what you do after you set up the right email addresses. You might be thinking that it’s hard enough to stay on top of your one email address — what are you going to do with five (or more)?

Email Center Pro makes it easy to switch from one mail box to another. That’s a no brainer. Here’s what that navigation looks like in ECP:

View messages

But if you don’t want to hop around from mailbox to mailbox, you can see all the mail that interests you with one quick look. The Email Center Pro Dashboard allows you to get an overview of everything that’s happening in your account. Every user can customize their own Dashboard to show them just what they want to see.

I could talk all day about the cool widgets and functions of the Dashboard (but that’s another blog post). Today I just want to show you one of my favorites —  My Mail.

I have a several roles I play here at Palo Alto Software, and I respond to emails that come in to a number of different inboxes. The My Mail widget lets me stay on my Dashboard, and just see what mail has come in for me, no matter which mailbox it’s in. Here’s a look at what I had to take care of recently:


Double clicking on any of those messages takes me right to it, so with one click I go from Dashboard right to the message I need to respond to.

And don’t worry — I took that screen shot a few weeks ago. Jonathan and Wallace didn’t have to wait all this time to hear back from me! I may have a lot of hats to wear, but not so many that I let emails sit for weeks on end…


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