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Do you ever feel like everywhere you turn, there’s somebody or something waiting for your attention? You’ve got  multiple  email addresses —  some personal, some work related;  voicemail at home, on your cell phone, and on your work phone; actual physical mail at home and at work; a two-year-old wanting to push the garage door opener buttons every 15 minutes (or maybe that’s just me)…

A recent Lifehacker post called Reduce Your Inboxes to Streamline Your Workflow and Reduce Stress gave some decent suggestions for handing the amount of information coming at you from all these directions (though none addressed the toddler with the garage door obsession). This one caught my eye:

3. When possible merge inboxes together. Technology, thought it has given us more to be busy with, has also given us a myriad of ways to merge tools and tasks together and reduce our workload.

photo (adapted) by flickr user Derrick Coetzee

photo (adapted) by flickr user Derrick Coetzee

What a great idea.

If only you could have several email addresses coming into one mailbox. Gosh, that would be great. If the same team was replying to messages sent to different email addresses, imagine how helpful it would be if they could do it from one mailbox? That would awesome. It would be… it would be…

Email Center Pro!

Maybe you already get that Email Center Pro lets you manage multiple mailboxes from one location. But did you realize that you can have multiple email addresses feeding into the same mailbox?

Say, for instance, your customers send messages to you using sales@yourcompany, info@yourcompany, and support@yourcompany. You can create one mailbox, let’s just call it Customer Service, and route all those email addresses into that one box. Then, instead of you or your team logging in and out all day to check the three different addresses, they can just log into one place, and check one mailbox. Not having to hop around from one mailbox to another saves you time, which means your customers will be getting quicker responses. Everybody benefits.

Now if only Email Center Pro could figure out a diversion for my son…

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  1. jay

    Sort of, Duane. But what Email Center Pro does that Outlook doesn’t is allow an entire team access to all those email addresses and mailboxes, at the same time. For a single person, Outlook may suffice. But if you’re got a team of email responders (or even just two), Outlook can’t give you half of what ECP can.

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