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I spent last week in Boston at the Internet Retailers Conference and Exhibition. The conference is billed as the largest of its kind in the world. It would be hard to dispute that.

Evidence of the continued growth of online commerce spread far and wide, as row after row of e-vendors tried to move their wares one demo at a time. If you consider yourself an observer of people, a conference like IRCE provides plenty of material for your consideration.

Email Center Pro set up shop at the Velaro booth (as we just completed an integration with the chat service) and fielded demonstration opportunities early and often. That lasted a day and half. On the third day, we pulled down our banner and began walking the floor. That’s when the understood truth about Email Center Pro came to light again: she was built to service the e-commerce industry.

The stories coming from some of the vendors themselves were rich with email management troubles and inconsistencies. And most of them caught the vision for how the service could aide their own customers. If I had a dollar for every time I got a sheepish smile when I said “Email Center Pro was designed to ensure that you’re no longer sending mixed or duplicated messages,” I would’ve had enough for at least one Boston cab fare.

And that came as no surprise. Email Center Pro was designed to fix that very problem at Palo Alto Software. Said one gentleman, who was in attendance as the owner of DSOL, “The new web has provided niche opportunities to sell just about anything online. But there’s always going to be a need for managing the email.”

I couldn’t have conveyed it better myself.

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