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Say you’re a journalist with a technical question for  a scientist at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

Where would you send that email? And how would you know that the right scientist was going to see your inquiry?

The American Geophysical Union knew you’d be asking that question. So they created a  handful of email addresses just for the event. Then shifts were arranged to share the response burden amongst the attending  scientists, providing 24 hour email coverage. Experts were available around the clock to answer science questions related to climate issues and the negotiations.

But how did they manage it?

Email Center Pro, of course.

The work flow the AGU set up for the event was really interesting. They knew they’d have all these of scientists available. And they knew they’d be getting  a ton of emails about a very wide range of issues.

They needed:

  • A  centralized system that would allow journalists to direct their questions to a simple address (rather than to specific scientists or organizations).
  • A way for all the scientists to log on (usually several at the same time),  get into those mailboxes, and get answers out as quickly as possible.
  • A system that is easy to use, since the scientists weren’t going to want to spend a lot of time learning a new email client for a week’s worth of responding.
  • A Web based application, since getting a program installed on all those computers, with all those operating systems and system requirements, would be a nightmare.
  • A way to make sure the right answers got out:  It had allow  mail to be moved to different inboxes, information to be shared amongst users, etc.
  • A system that would handle the large volume of mail they were expecting.

The AGU needed Email Center Pro.

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  1. Jacob Montalbano

    I have a scientific theory of the creation of our universe and all within it. First i’d like to know that i’ll get a response. Secondly, I’d like to know that my theory will remain as my discovery.

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