Use an SPF Record to Get Your Mail Delivered

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Don’t you hate it when you send a customer or client an email, only to hear back from them that they didn’t receive it? You have to ask them if they checked their spam folder, and are embarrassed to hear that indeed, your message has been tagged with that scarlet (pinkish?) letter. This is not… Read more »

Want ECP News? Check Your Dashboard

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Among all the widgets available on your Email Center Pro dashboard, there’s one that’s very near and dear to my heart. It’s the ECP Updates widget, which will let you know every time I write another scintillating blog post. If you were looking at it right now, you’d be seeing this whole paragraph in the… Read more »

3,2,1 Contact… How Do You Keep Track?

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Sometimes customers email you, sometimes they call, sometimes they come to an online chat. Sometimes you call them… Do you treat each of these as isolated incidents? image from / CC BY 2.0 You shouldn’t. Tracking all your customer communication in one accessible archive is incredibly useful. Here’s a scenario for illustration: A potential… Read more »

Tell the World How Fast You Respond to Email

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Responding to emails quickly is a key to building good relationships and providing high quality customer service. If you’ve glanced at this blog before, you already know how strongly we feel about this. At Palo Alto Software, we’re proud of how fast we respond to our customers. That’s why we created our Response Time widget… Read more »

5 Great Ways to Tag Your Email

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Tag. You’re It. We all have our own ways of organizing our lives. I have developed a pretty useful pile system for organizing my desk and home. It might not make much sense to anyone else… in fact it probably looks like a great big mess. But based on the pile’s location, I not only… Read more »

What Would We Do Without Widgets?

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If you’re new to Email Center Pro, you might not realize what a valuable tool you’ve got at your disposal. Hopefully, you know about sharing an inbox, assigning emails, tagging, and collaborative notes. But when you’re ready to get deeper into the ECP experience, spend a little time in your Dashboard. First and foremost, the… Read more »