5 Ways to Improve Your Email Replies

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After my latest rant about how much I hate auto replies, a coworker suggested that I offer solutions to these email failures instead of just criticizing them. Solutions? Instead of just complaining? What a concept! I’m taking her advice, in the hopes that even one guilty auto responder out there takes my suggestions. So here,… Read more »

Can You Ever Respond Fast Enough?

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Sometimes your customers need an  immediate response to a problem. Say they’ve ordered something online, and they think you might have overcharged them. Or they’re not sure they ordered the right thing. Or they lost their serial number but urgently need to use their software… So they send you an email asking for help. What… Read more »

The Impression of Specialization

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I used to work for a small publishing company as a copy editor and proofreader. Trying to move my way up in the company, I took more and more responsibility for one particular publication, and eventually got my name on the masthead as Assistant Editor. When the editor left, I even became Interim Editor for… Read more »

Merge Mailboxes for Better Management

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Do you ever feel like everywhere you turn, there’s somebody or something waiting for your attention? You’ve got  multiple  email addresses —  some personal, some work related;  voicemail at home, on your cell phone, and on your work phone; actual physical mail at home and at work; a two-year-old wanting to push the garage door… Read more »

3,2,1 Contact… How Do You Keep Track?

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Sometimes customers email you, sometimes they call, sometimes they come to an online chat. Sometimes you call them… Do you treat each of these as isolated incidents? image from http://www.flickr.com/photos/gifrancis/ / CC BY 2.0 You shouldn’t. Tracking all your customer communication in one accessible archive is incredibly useful. Here’s a scenario for illustration: A potential… Read more »

Praise and cake — What a week!

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Unsolicited testimonials, like surprise chocolate cakes, are wonderful things indeed. Here at Palo Alto Software, we were the beneficiaries of both last week. First, as a way of celebrating the integration between Email Center Pro and their service, our friends  over at FormSpring sent us a delicious chocolate cake from the best bakery in town. … Read more »