Are You Using Saved Searches?

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Saved Searches saved my life. Well, not really. But when you have email you want to keep track of but you don’t want to check 15 mailboxes throughout the day, you’ll feel like Saved Searches are a dream come true. You have a lot of options in using Saves Searches. You can search for mail… Read more »

How Do You Talk to a Scientist

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Say you’re a journalist with a technical question for  a scientist at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Where would you send that email? And how would you know that the right scientist was going to see your inquiry? The American Geophysical Union knew you’d be asking that question. So they created a  handful… Read more »

Use an SPF Record to Get Your Mail Delivered

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Don’t you hate it when you send a customer or client an email, only to hear back from them that they didn’t receive it? You have to ask them if they checked their spam folder, and are embarrassed to hear that indeed, your message has been tagged with that scarlet (pinkish?) letter. This is not… Read more »

My Mail — A Handy Widget

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Does anybody really just do one job anymore? I wrote recently about the Impression of Specialization, and how small companies can make themselves look bigger, and present the image that they have dedicated employees for all sorts of departments, simply by using email addresses that correspond with their customers’ needs. But what I didn’t talk… Read more »

Want ECP News? Check Your Dashboard

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Among all the widgets available on your Email Center Pro dashboard, there’s one that’s very near and dear to my heart. It’s the ECP Updates widget, which will let you know every time I write another scintillating blog post. If you were looking at it right now, you’d be seeing this whole paragraph in the… Read more »

5 Ways to Improve Your Email Replies

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After my latest rant about how much I hate auto replies, a coworker suggested that I offer solutions to these email failures instead of just criticizing them. Solutions? Instead of just complaining? What a concept! I’m taking her advice, in the hopes that even one guilty auto responder out there takes my suggestions. So here,… Read more »

Can You Ever Respond Fast Enough?

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Sometimes your customers need an  immediate response to a problem. Say they’ve ordered something online, and they think you might have overcharged them. Or they’re not sure they ordered the right thing. Or they lost their serial number but urgently need to use their software… So they send you an email asking for help. What… Read more »

Don’t Believe The Hype: Email’s Not Dead

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What do email and Mark Twain have in common? Reports of their deaths were both greatly exaggerated. On Monday, yet another blog jumped on the “email is dead” bandwagon.  In a post on the Wall Street Journal Tech blog titled Why Email No Longer Rules, it’s suggested that we’ve reached the  “end of the email… Read more »

Protect Your Inbox With Common Sense

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We’re always reading about new phishing scams, hackers posting email user names and passwords online, and have even received the occasional email from a friend that begins “I’m not stranded on the streets of Paris with no money after my wallet and passport were stolen. Don’t send money — somebody hacked into my Hotmail account… Read more »