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This is Part Three of a series entitled “Email: This Is How We Do It”. Today, we continue to chronicle a day in the life of an Email Center Pro power user (how’s that for stretching a concept?). So sit back, relax and take a look at Email Center Pro in action (popcorn sold separately).

Time for part three of a day in the  life of Email Center Pro, and we’ve made it to the afternoon. The email traffic has slowed down some, but that doesn’t mean ECP is any less important to my work flow.

12:30 PM Just back from lunch. I’ve been done with my assigned emails for a while, and now my coworkers and I just handle the incoming emails as we’re available. With alerts set up to notify me hourly when there’s unread email in the Sales inbox and also when there’s any email assigned to me, I can get to work on other projects without having to stop all the time to check my email.

2:00 PM An email comes in that stumps me — I just don’t know the answer. Rather than leaving it for somebody else, though, I attach a note to it: “I’m not familiar with this issue. Does anyone know the right answer?” A few minutes later, when I check back, I see a coworker’s note that gives me the information the customer was looking for. She also ribs me a little in her note, since we had just had a meeting about the very issue the email addressed. Sure glad those notes stay internal, where a customer will never see them.

I send the info to the customer, and make a template of my response. Now when this issue comes up again, I’ll have the information at my fingertips. And I make a mental note to pay attention at our next Customer Service meeting!

2:45 PM We’ve been having a lot of customers asking for a particular software feature. Using Tags, we’ve been keeping track of these requests and the users who have been asking. Today our developers informed us that the feature has been added to our software. By selecting the contacts who are tagged Feature Request, I can send them all an email letting them know the function they’ve been looking for is now available.

3:30 PM A customer calls and says he hasn’t received any replies to three emails he’s sent us. When I search the email address he gives me, I don’t find any emails in our system from that address. I ask if it’s possible that he’s sent from a different one. He admits that maybe he sent the emails from his work email address, and a quick search of ECP for that address shows that indeed he did use that one. I tell him the dates and times of our replies, and he checks his email and confirms he’s gotten our emails.

4:45 PM Getting ready to leave for the day. I look at my Dashboard before I leave to check my average email response time, and also the average for the Sales inbox. It’s good to be able to see how many emails I responded to each day and how long it took from the time it arrived until the time my reply was sent. I can check these measurements for time periods ranging from hours to days, weeks, even years! The system even lets me adjust for business hours and days, so it doesn’t hold the time I’m not in the office against my average.

Adjusted, I’m averaging 28 minutes response time for the month, and came in at 31 minutes today. Without the adjustment, my average for the month is 1 hour 10 minutes. Still not too shabby. I’m happy with both numbers, but I’m sure there’s room for improvement somewhere. But that’s something that I’ll worry about tomorrow.

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